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Why AVG detects Log Me In as a Trojan?
From the point of view of a common user using an antivirus is really important, what to do when that ... ...

Why AVG detects Log Me In as a Trojan?

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Posted on: 06/28/17

From the point of view of a common user using an antivirus is really important, what to do when that antivirus start showing technical issues? The moment you start using AVG and you start getting technical issues in the antivirus service connect the technical experts immediately.

For a very short phase of time, Logmein was incorrectly being detected as a Trojan horse virus named Vundo JIby AVG's Virus Scanner.  That’s why AVG has issued an update where LogMeIn is not detected as a virus anymore. Apart from this issue you may face many more technical issues in AVG and to do so get connected with the technicians and they are there to provide you with the solution and for that you can call at AVG Help Number UK.

If you have confined the Logmein file, you can easily take it out of the Virus Vault for restoring functionality:

For restoring the files from the virus vault,follow the steps given below:

1.         Open your AVG antivirus.

2.         Go to the History.

3.         Go to Virus Vault option.

4.         Now, select Logmein.exe, right-click on it and then, click Restore.

If you have deleted LogMeIn completely the time when it was detected, you can now restore the LogMeIn service by going with the reinstallation process.For reinstalling Logmein, search for the genuine link and CLICK on that to download the Logmein installer.

The link will pull down the installer for Logmein.  When you get the prompt, choose the option for reinstalling Logmein. This will help in repairing and replacing all the files that were removed by AVG.

For preventing this from re-occurring, make sure that you keep on updating AVG to the latest version, that was released this morning.  For updating, open AVG,  go to Tools > Advanced Settings, then, Exceptions on the left, then add C:Program FilesLogmein as an exception, and after that, restart Logmein.

Apart from this you may come cross ways with several other technical issues in AVG antivirus and the time you notice such get in touch with the technicians at AVG Support Number UKThese technicians are well trained and experienced in the task of correcting the tech issues coming in AVG antivirus. 


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